9:20PM: We currently have 2,500 members without power due to the storm, which resulted in multiple broken poles and downed lines. Our dedicated crews will persist in their efforts throughout the night to restore power to all remaining affected members. We appreciate the patience of all our members as we work to reinstate power.

7:09PM: We are currently facing widespread outages caused by a severe storm system passing through our area. Our crews are on-site working to address the situation safely and promptly.

Today our region will experience a powerful weather front that will bring severe storms accompanied by abnormally strong gusts of wind. Our teams are fully equipped and primed to address these intense circumstances. High winds can potentially inflict considerable harm to power lines and poles, leading to prolonged periods of power loss, power outages may be likely. We will be keeping our members updated and are ready to address any potential outages.

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Experiencing an outage? For the most convenient and effective method of reporting an outage, we recommend utilizing our SmartHub app, which is accessible on Android and iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Always bear in mind that if you encounter a downed power line, it is essential to assume it is energized and maintain a safe distance. To ensure your safety, please refrain from approaching the line and promptly contact Wake Electric to report the situation. It is crucial to exercise caution and avoid flooded areas, as submerged water may conceal energized lines.

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