About Your Bill

Each month Wake Electric will send you a bill. Your billing date should vary no more than a few days during a month to allow for holidays and weekends.

Should you not receive your bill near your normal billing date, contact the Cooperative immediately. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve you of any responsibility to pay.

The amount of your bill is determined by a monthly meter reading taken from your meter. Your bill is due and payable 25 days from the bill date shown on your statement.

Failure to pay within that period of time could result in a past due balance amount appearing on the following month’s bill.

All past due balances are subject to a late payment fee. A reminder to pay the past due balance will be printed on your service bill. A disconnection date for nonpayment will also be provided.

If service is disconnected for nonpayment, additional service charges and a security deposit, if applicable, will be required.

You may pay your bill online, by phone, by mail or at any of our branch offices. Automatic bank draft is also available to qualified members, and VISA, Discover and MasterCard are accepted.

With automatic bank draft, you still receive your bill so you have a copy of your electrical use as well as the amount to be drafted from your bank account before the draft is made. You have a choice of three dates for your account to be drafted.

Failure to receive a bill does not exempt a Member from payment. A duplicate bill may be obtained from the Cooperative. Neither a dispute concerning the amount of a bill nor a claim or demand by the Member against the Cooperative will alter the normal requirements for payment.

Any Member whose check for payment of service is returned for insufficient funds will be notified immediately and a returned check fee will be added to the Member’s account. Such charge will be up to the maximum allowed by North Carolina law (GS 25-3-572).

If the Member is in good standing, the Cooperative will attempt to notify the Member. The returned check fee and account will be considered delinquent.

If the Member is not in good standing and payment is not made within three (3) days after the date of notification, service will be discontinued.

If the Cooperative receives two such checks from a Member in a twelve (12) month period, the Cooperative may refuse to accept further checks from that Member.