Renewable Energy Program

Wake Electric supports renewable energy efforts and has developed a program for members who wish to generate their own electricity from various renewable sources in our service area.

Program Highlights:

·    Sign up with NC GreenPower if you plan to sell excess electricity. Contact us at to sign up

·    Complete Wake Electric’s Standard Interconnection Agreement

·    Generator must be manufactured, installed and operated in accordance with governmental and industry standards 

·    The member is responsible for all environmental and other permits required by governmental agencies prior to construction, installation and interconnection of the Generator

·   Review Rates and Charges for Renewable Energy in the Small Renewable Generation Rider SRG section of the Rate Schedule.  To install a manual load-break disconnect switch: Generator Interconnect Specifications (requires two meters)

·   Review Rate and Charges for Net Metering/Renewable Generation Credit Rider (Rider “NM-RGC”).  For the net-metering spec, click here.

If you have questions, call Wake Electric at 1.800.474.6300 or 919.863.6300 or email at

Also, you can email your agreement form to