Classroom Technology Awards for Teachers


About Program

Wake Electric’s Classroom Technology Awards (CTA) program awards local educators up to $3,000 for specific educational technology such as computers, tablets, 3D printers, Chromebooks, SMART boards, software, etc. The technology must benefit the students in the classroom. Please note that the Classroom Technology Awards and Bright Ideas grant program are two separate and distinct programs.


Public tuition-free school (grades K-12) and community college teachers in Durham, Franklin, Granville, Johnston, Nash, Vance and Wake counties are eligible to apply.



Deadline for applications is September 15th.

Areas of interest to our judges are originality, creativity, innovation, grammar, punctuation, and thoroughness. Wake Electric will award up to $20,000 total in Classroom Technology Awards funds.

If you have received a CTA grant in the past, in order to be eligible to receive a 2023 grant, you must provide a one-page typed summary of the project outlining how the project proved successful and/or benefited your students. Photos and samples of projects are welcomed and encouraged.

2023 Classroom Technology Grant Winners

Eight teachers in Durham, Franklin, Granville, Nash, Johnston and Wake counties were awarded a 2023 Classroom Technology grant. The total amount of grant monies awarded is $19,954.68

2023 Classroom Technology Grant Winners

The funds for the Classroom Technology grants come from WEMC members who agree to round up their light bill to the nearest whole dollar through the WE Care Program. For example, if the bill is $190.91 – the bill will be rounded up 9 cents to $191.00. These pennies add up to major dollars.

If you have questions, please email or call 1-800-474-6300.