The Giving Box

Wake Electric is proud to sponsor multiple community initiatives to better the lives of people in our community under the “Giving” family. The Giving Box and The Giving Fence were born out of Wake Electric’s cooperative principle “Concern for Community.”

The Giving Fence is closing January 22nd.

The Giving Fence will close for the season on January 22nd. Thank you for your donations – many members of our community were kept warm this season thanks to your generosity! The Giving Fence will reopen in December – please save your warm coats to donate at that time!

Giving Box

We invite everyone in the community to contribute unopened, non-perishable canned food items they can spare to the Giving Box. All items inside the Giving Box are meant to be shared freely, and we sincerely appreciate your efforts in keeping the box well-organized. By joining forces, the Giving Box will make a significant difference in our community, ensuring that no one goes hungry, especially during challenging times.

  • Canned items only – no glass
  • No perishable food items
  • No opened food items
  • Place all donations inside the closed doors of the pantry
  • Do not leave unattended food items outside the pantry

The Giving Box is located at WEMC’s Wake Forest office and accepts donations year round. Donation bins will also be available at the Youngsville office starting October 15.

Giving Fence (Closing for the Season – Jan 22nd)

Community members are encouraged to take any items they need and/or donate clean coats, hats, scarves, or gloves by pinning the items to the Giving Fence. All items on the Giving Fence will be free, and we appreciate your help in keeping the fence tidy. By working together, the Giving Fence will support our community by ensuring all are kept warm during the cold months ahead.

  • Please ensure all items are clean
  • Warm coats, hats and scarves
  • All sizes are needed

The Giving Fence is located at WEMC’s Wake Forest office and starts December 1. Donation bins will also be available at the Youngsville office starting October 15.

Giving Library (Coming Soon)

Look out for our Giving Library, another initiative to help support our community through donations of childrens books!

  • All donated books must be appropriate for children
  • Books must be in good condition

The Giving Library will be located at WEMC’s Wake Forest office – date TBD.