Operation RoundUp Grants to Area Non-Profits

We are now accepting 2020 1st quarter applications. Applications received after the deadline, March 13th @ 5:00 p.m., will be considered in the 2nd quarter round of grants in 2020. 

Within its service territory and beyond, Wake Electric is known for its tradition of community involvement and support. Through our grant and scholarship programs, Wake Electric invests in the communities where its members and employees live and work.

As part of our efforts to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve, we offer the quarterly Operation RoundUp program, a grant program awarding funds to non-profit organizations within Wake Electric’s service territory.

2019 – 4th quarter winners for Operation RoundUp Grants

The Wake Electric Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation designed to enhance economic infrastructure and job creation, promote service or charitable organizations, and meet emergency needs of individuals within the service area of Wake Electric.


IRS designated non-profit agencies serving the counties that Wake Electric Services – Durham, Franklin, Granville, Johnston, Nash, Wake and Vance counties.  The agency does NOT have to be a member of Wake Electric.


Grants are open to all project and subject areas that enhance economic infrastructure and job creation, promote service or charitable organizations, and meet emergency needs of individuals within the service area of Wake Electric.

Agency grant limit: 

Agencies can receive up to $5,000 and be awarded one grant per twelve month period.


Operation RoundUp is a grant program awarding money each quarter of the year (in January, April, July, and October).  Current deadlines are posted on the Operation RoundUp website page.


Click here for an application.

Program Operation:            

Operation RoundUp allows Wake Electric members to roundup their electric bill to the next highest dollar and donate that amount to the program. For example, as an Operation RoundUp contributor, if your bill is $91.85, your bill would be rounded up to $92.00 and the extra 15 cents would be donated to Operation RoundUp.

Contributing members give an average of 50 cents per month or $6.00 per year. The maximum amount that a member would contribute in a year’s time would be $11.88.

Each quarter, the board of directors for the program’s administrative body, the Wake Electric Foundation board, meets to determine who will be awarded funds.


Email communications@wemc.com or call 919.863.6440.


Since it began in 1996, the Operation RoundUp program has awarded more than $538,926 to area non-profits.

Wake Electric:         

Independent, non-profit electric utility owned by more than 47,200 consumers.  The co-op provides superior electric service at affordable rates to members in parts of Durham, Franklin, Granville, Johnston, Nash, Vance, and Wake counties.

As a member, how can I contribute?

If you are interested in signing up to contribute to the program, please call 1.800.474.6300 today or email information@wemc.com. Contributing literally only costs you pennies a month. Those pennies when combined with those of other contributors, add up to powerful dollars.

To apply send your completed application to:Mail:
Operation RoundUp
228 Park Avenue
Youngsville, NC 27596

Operation RoundUp



Activity Sheets for Previous Grant Recipients:

Previous grant winners must submit an ACTIVITY SHEET detailing how a previous grant was used (this must be turned in before any future grants can be awarded). To download the ACTIVITY SHEET, click here.

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