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Outage alert program

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Wake Electric is excited to announce a new way for our members to receive outage notifications. Members who have a SmartHub account will now receive outage information and restoration updates through e-mail and/or text. Members will continue to have the ability to quickly report outages through their SmartHub app.

Members Must Enroll in Text Outage Notifications

All members with an e-mail address attached to their SmartHub account will be automatically enrolled in the e-mail outage notifications. However, if you would like to receive text outage notifications, you will need to opt-in through SmartHub. If you would prefer to just receive text outage notifications, you can un-enroll from e-mail outage notifications through SmartHub. To change your outage notification preferences log into your SmartHub account at > Notifications > Manage Notifications > Service > Power Outage.

Update Your Contact Information

To receive these outage notifications, we must have up to date contact information on your account. To add or update your e-mail and/or cell phone, log in to SmartHub under My Profile > My Information > Update My Billing Address & Contact Information. If you do not have a SmartHub account, you will need to register at

Be prepared: summer storm safety

Wake Electric encourages members to practice caution and safety during summer storms, which at times can be severe. Beware of flooded areas caused by heavy rains — water and electricity do not mix! Below is safety advice to use following a summer storm: Flooded areas: Be careful when attempting to walk in flooded areas and…Continue Reading

May is National Electrical Safety Month

This month, we encourage all members to take extra time to plug into safety. Every year, thousands of accidents occur because of electrical shock hazards. “It is critical that the public understands their home’s electrical system and the safety concerns associated with the latest residential technologies before bringing them into their homes,” explains Jim Mangum, general…Continue Reading

Drive electric

If you are thinking about purchasing a plug-in electric vehicle, Wake Electric is ready to help you navigate this new technology. Please let your electric cooperative know if you are planning to purchase an electric vehicle and install a charging station so we can ensure your home is set up to properly handle the increased…Continue Reading

Wake Electric to Celebrate Lineman Appreciation Day on April 8

Wake Electric is joining more than 900 electric cooperatives across the nation to celebrate Monday, April 8, as Lineman Appreciation Day. Recognized annually on the second Monday in  April, Lineman Appreciation Day pays tribute to the men and women whose skill and expertise is needed to build, maintain and repair the power lines that provide…Continue Reading

Beneficial Electrification for Your Home and the Environment

The concept known as “environmentally beneficial electrification” is gaining traction among a growing number of groups, including your local electric cooperative, Wake Electric. Frequently promoted to reduce greenhouse gases and help the environment, beneficial electrification also helps members by providing products that are cleaner, quieter and easier to maintain. Conventional appliances fueled on-site, like natural…Continue Reading