Youngsville, NC – A new development in microgrid technology is poised to bring unprecedented benefits to members of Wake Electric. The residential microgrid at Eagle Chase (built in collaboration with Winslow Homes) is going to be capable of powering more than was once thought possible through new advanced technology. This expansion will not only continue to guarantee the resilience of the 31 homes within Eagle Chase but also enable the microgrid to distribute surplus power to nearby homes outside of the neighborhood during periods of heightened demand.

The microgrid will enhance its support capabilities through the implementation of distribution automation—an integrated solution combining field assets and software. This synergy optimizes the grid, leading to improved efficiency, reliability, and resiliency. During normal conditions, Wake Electric believes that the coverage potential extends up to 120 homes, including those within Eagle Chase. The microgrid will be able to do this by utilizing the real-time sensing facilitated by advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). These meters continuously monitor electricity consumption, generation, and distribution in Eagle Chase, allowing for immediate responses to changes in demand or supply. This ensures a resilient and efficient energy system for the community, with the ability to occasionally extend coverage to more homes with the microgrid during times of need.

This development signifies a noteworthy stride in smart and resilient energy systems for the future. “Implementing technologies, such as the microgrid at Eagle Chase, isn’t just about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in energy distribution—it’s about Wake Electric’s commitment to understanding how these solutions benefit our membership at large during times of stress on the grid,” said Don Bowman, VP of Engineering and Operations. “This innovation represents a significant step forward in our journey towards a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable energy future.”

To learn more about the Eagle Chase microgrid, click here. Are you curious about the potential of microgrids? Listen to Wake Electric’s podcast episode, ‘Episode 19: Dipping Our Toes into Microgrids,’ on our podcast ‘Changing Energy’. To listen to the episode, click here.