Widespread Outages: August 15th

08/15 4:42PM: Due to a severe storm moving through our territory we’re experiencing some wide spread outages. Crews are on-site and assessing.

08/15 6:59PM:We currently have a transmission line down that is affecting a large portion of our membership. In addition, due to the severity of the storm, several poles were broken and will need to be repaired. External crews are en route to assist. We’re working as quickly and safely as possible to restore power to our membership.

08/15 9:37PM: We currently have 7780 members without power, down from our peak of 12,000 members. We anticipate a transmission repair early tomorrow morning, and our efforts will persist through the night, focusing on repairing the transmission line and replacing broken poles.

08/16 7:00AM:  We’re down to 1536 members without power, the majority are in the Creedmoor and Butner areas. Crews worked all night long repairing the transmission line and removing the fallen trees from the roads and lines. Crews will continue to work throughout the day to restore power.

08/16 9:12AM: Members without power has dropped to under 800. Crews continue to work to replace broken poles and restore power to all our members.

08/16 2:45 PM: Having successfully replaced multiple damaged poles, our efforts have reduced the number of members without power to 586. Our entire focus and all our resources remain committed to restoring power to all affected members.

08/16 4:59PM: At this moment, the count of members currently without power is less than 300. Our crews will continue in their efforts throughout the evening. Regrettably, there might be instances of outages that could extend until tomorrow. We greatly value the patience of our members as our crews diligently work to reinstate power to every last member in our territory.

08/17 9:30AM: Our focus is on the remaining isolated outages that persist, affecting the Creedmoor and East Durham areas. Restoration for all members is anticipated by day’s end. Your patience during this time is greatly valued, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your understanding. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

(BELOW: Prep and cutting of transmission wire for transmission repair.)

(BELOW: Damage to transmission line, poles and trees.)


(BELOW: Working through the night to repair lines, damage from the storm)

(BELOW: Photos from the morning after the storm – line trucks going out with new poles and replacing damaged poles.)


How to Report an Outage:

Experiencing an outage? For the most convenient and effective method of reporting an outage, we recommend utilizing our SmartHub app, which is accessible on Android and iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Always bear in mind that if you encounter a downed power line, it is essential to assume it is energized and maintain a safe distance. To ensure your safety, please refrain from approaching the line and promptly contact Wake Electric to report the situation. It is crucial to exercise caution and avoid flooded areas, as submerged water may conceal energized lines.

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