Widespread Outages: August 7th

8:03PM: We are currently experiencing wide spread outages throughout our territory. Crews are on-site and assessing.

9:26PM: The storm came through west to east, as a result of the severe weather we have numerous broken poles throughout our territory. Crews are currently working to restore power. At this time we currently have 4200 members without power.

10:37PM: As of now there are still 2900 members without power. Crews will be working through the night to continue to restore power within our service area.

7:18AM: Our territory sustained significant damage from last night’s storm. Some poles are still down and there were several dozen instances of wire torn from insulators and tops of poles. We have 950 members without power at this time. We have outside crews in restoring power and we’ll be working throughout the day to continue restoring power.

10:25 AM: Members without power has gone down to 500. Most outages are in the Tryon and Heritage subdivisions, with individual outages scattered throughout the territory. Crews are continuing to work to restore power.

11:04AM: We’re continuing to work to restore power to our members – as of now members without power is currently under 100. Crews will continue to work throughout the day until power is restored to all members.

(Photos taken above – 8-8-23 9:30AM in the Heritage subdivision. Photos below taken night prior 8-7-23.)

How to Report an Outage:

Experiencing an outage? For the most convenient and effective method of reporting an outage, we recommend utilizing our SmartHub app, which is accessible on Android and iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Always bear in mind that if you encounter a downed power line, it is essential to assume it is energized and maintain a safe distance. To ensure your safety, please refrain from approaching the line and promptly contact Wake Electric to report the situation. It is crucial to exercise caution and avoid flooded areas, as submerged water may conceal energized lines.

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