Home Solar & Electric Vehicle Event Held by Wake Electric

Youngsville, NC – This past weekend, Wake Electric hosted a Home Solar & Electric Vehicle Event at the Youngsville office location, complete with a BBQ lunch and ice cream. This gathering aimed to cater to the needs and interests of cooperative members already benefiting from solar and/or electric vehicle rates. The event provided an ideal platform for engaging discussions and mutual learning among members to discuss Wake Electric’s rate offerings, including Time of Use rates.

Wake Electric’s knowledgeable employees were on hand throughout the event, offering insights and guidance on solar energy, electric vehicles, and rate offerings. A highlight of the event was the opportunity for attendees to test drive Wake Electric’s latest additions to their electric vehicle fleet—the Rivian R1T Pickup Truck and the cutting-edge Tesla Model Y Performance. Members got to experience firsthand the features, performance, and handling of these electric vehicles while also receiving information on charging infrastructure.

An exciting announcement was made regarding Wake Electric’s partnership with North Carolina Electric Cooperatives and WeaveGrid on a year-long EV telematics pilot program. This initiative will analyze the charging behavior of Wake Electric’s EV users by retrieving data from their vehicle computers. SMS notifications will be sent to participants, providing guidance on optimal charging times. The data collected on our members’ charging behavior will inform future rates and programs for electric vehicles. More information will be provided to qualifying members to sign up for this innovative program, set to roll out later in the summer.

In addition, Wake Electric’s popular Changing Energy podcast made a surprise appearance. Recordings took place on-site, capturing interviews with attending members. These interviews showcased the unique perspectives and experiences of individuals who are actively driving positive change in their communities through the adoption of sustainable energy practices and electric vehicles. The Changing Energy podcast highlights the trends within energy that are relevant to Wake Electric’s cooperative members. Stay tuned for the release of the latest episode recorded at the event to hear the interviews and catch up on past episodes here: [https://wemc.com/changing-energy-podcast/]

The Home Solar & Electric Vehicle Event embodied the cooperative’s commitment to its members and their shared vision of a greener future. By providing a welcoming platform for knowledge exchange and personal connections, this event empowered members to make informed choices and embrace sustainable energy solutions. With the positive reception and enthusiasm generated from this event, Wake Electric is excited to continue hosting future events like this one to allow members to connect, learn, and contribute to the collective effort towards a greener and more sustainable future.