Wake Electric Hosts First Ever Builder-Developer Breakfast Event

Youngsville, NC – Wake Electric recently hosted a Builder-Developer Partnership Breakfast event, which included the participation of builders and developers from renowned companies working in the area. A catered breakfast spread was provided by Strickland Farms and thoroughly enjoyed by attendees. After breakfast, the event served as a platform for Don Bowman, Wake Electric’s Assistant GM and VP of Engineering & Operations, to formally introduce the cooperative, shed light on its business model, and talk through trends in the industry that are of interest to builders and developers. Throughout his presentation, Bowman emphasized Wake Electric’s commitment to affordability and reliability, underscoring the cooperative’s core values. Moreover, he addressed the topic of the growing population and its correlation to increased residential development in the area.

The builders and developers present took the opportunity to express their thoughts on current trends. This led to an open and constructive dialogue between the attendees and Wake Electric, with a focus on finding effective solutions. Additionally, the group delved into Wake Electric’s vegetation management initiative, which aims to clear vegetation surrounding ground-level transformers and other critical assets. They also explored the utility initiatives undertaken by Wake Electric to assist builders in meeting EV compliance requirements.

During the discussion, Wake Electric broached the subject of solar panels, highlighting North Carolina’s position as the fourth-largest user of solar energy in the country. Bowman also shared information about the unique Eagle Chase development in Youngsville, built through a partnership with Winslow Homes. This particular subdivision has set itself apart by collaborating with Wake Electric to create a resilient and energy-efficient community, making it the only one of its kind in the state. Bowman encouraged the guests to consider implementing similar projects with Wake Electric in the future, saying, “This is the only subdivision in the state like this, and it’s in Youngsville.”

The meeting closed with an open discussion segment where builders and developers were able to ask Bowman and other Wake Electric employees representing their departments questions they had on their minds. They explored the mapping of the cooperative’s established territory and discussed how Wake Electric is responsible for its own maintenance. The attending builders and developers also shared their perspectives on the challenges they face and their perspectives on working with energy providers. The meeting concluded on a positive note, with the participants wrapping up the discussions with a sense of partnership and shared objectives. Jimmy Little, representing Taylor Morrison of Carolinas, vocalized his feelings on partnership with Wake Electric, saying, “[Wake Electric has] people you can talk to, you can call somebody, you can call that man right there [pointing at a Wake Electric Design Technician], you can talk to them… I would rather do a project with Wake Electric.”

Overall, the Builder-Developer Breakfast proved to be a successful initial gathering. It is Wake Electric’s hope to continue to partner with local builders and developers to extend affordable, reliable, and potentially resilient energy services to a broader range of homes in the area. This event marked the first of its kind hosted by Wake Electric, and we hope to have more events like this in the future.