Vegetation Management: Underground Transformers

Wake Electric will be performing inspections of underground transformers in our service territory. Underground transformers are the large green boxes located on or near your property that help provide power to your home. Wake Electric may need to clear trees, shrubs, bushes or other plants to access around the transformers and equipment for inspection and to ensure their continued safe use. For your safety, please avoid the bucket trucks, cones and other equipment you see in your area.

At all times, clearance of 6 feet is needed on the sides and back of the transformer and equipment, and 10 feet is needed in the front where the transformer opens.

Please note that this work is often conducted by two sets of crews over a few days. One crew will cut the branches and a second crew will follow up to pick up and mulch. There may be several days between each crew’s arrival. When our crews are finished your area should be clean and clear of debris, however we will not replace or repair landscaping. If you have questions, please call us at 919.863.6300 or visit our Vegetation Management page to learn more.