New Features Available on SmartHub


The next time you log in to SmartHub our residential members may notice some new features created from your usage data.

One of the key new features is disaggregation. Disaggregation is the process that takes member usage data and identifies the individual appliance types within the home that are actually using the energy.

Appliances like air conditioners and electric heating leave distinct “fingerprints” in energy use data. We can identify these appliance fingerprints and estimate how much they cost you.

This process provides you with personalized, detailed information you can use to save energy and money! With these new features we will start sending you more alerts to help you better manage your energy use.

New Alerts

  • Bill Projection – Midway through the billing cycle, this alert will provide you an estimate for your next bill. This mid-cycle alert can help you make changes when you’re headed for a big bill, before the bill even comes!
  • Monthly Summary – This email alert lets you know how much electricity was used during the last billing period, provides insight into electricity usage by appliance and includes tips on how to save.
  • Budget Alert – This alert will be sent when you are approaching certain thresholds of your budget (as set by you) ahead of the end of your billing cycle.
  • Seasonal Alert – When summer or winter is just around the corner you’ll receive these alerts with suggestions on how to save on your heating or cooling costs.
  • Similar Home Comparison – We can show you how your home stacks up against comparable homes in our area.

These email alerts put more information in your hands and can help you save! Check out the video above to learn more.

Please note that accounts with generation are excluded at this time.

Shows SmartHub graphic example: A smarter SmartHub