5 Signs That You Need a New Cooling System

Your cooling system provides welcome relief from the dog days of summer, but only if it’s working properly. Take action now to find out if the time is right to upgrade to a new, energy-efficient air conditioner or heat pump. Your energy budget, your family and your furry friends will appreciate it.

For most air conditioners, there are certain telltale signs of trouble. Consider making a change if:

  1. Some rooms are hotter than others. This could be a sign of leaky ducts, poorly designed ductwork or system performance issues.
  2. Your cooling system is noisy. You could have an undersized duct system or a problem with the indoor coil of your air conditioner.
  3. You’re frequently having it repaired. Wear and tear on aging equipment may continue to cost you more in repair bills.
  4. The air conditioner runs non-stop. Your system may be leaking refrigerant.
  5. Your home feels humid. Poor equipment operation or leaky ductwork can increase humidity levels inside your home.

If you decide to upgrade, make sure your new unit is ENERGY STAR® certified. These high-efficiency models can save you up to 20% on cooling costs.

Looking to save more? Once your new cooling system is in place, don’t let it go to the dogs. Take these simple steps to improve system performance and home comfort:

  • Change the air filter on your air conditioner once a month or according to manufacturer’s guidelines. A dirty filter restricts airflow and wastes energy.
  • Check for air leaks in attic joists, exterior plumbing and electrical accesses, as well as doors and windows. Seal with expandable foam, insulation strips, caulking or weatherstripping.
  • Set your thermostat at 78°F while you are at home and 85°F while you are away. Install a programmable thermostat to add convenience and increase savings.
  • Switch on ceiling fans to make rooms feel cooler, reducing the need for air conditioning. Turn off fans when you leave a room to avoid wasting energy.
  • Have your system cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional before the start of each cooling season.

By combining your cooling system upgrade with smart conservation strategies, you’ll save money and stay comfortable all summer long.