Wake Electric Hosts Electric Vehicle and Home Solar Demonstration Event

In the early days of the electric cooperative, members were eager to tap into the benefits of electricity and utilize all the electric appliances at their disposal. But many were apprehensive about these new electric devices they had never used. One of the ways cooperatives like Wake Electric alleviated member concerns was providing appliance demonstrations to better inform members about this new domestic and agricultural technology. Early on, Wake Electric understand our role was more than providing electricity but providing an educational service to our members too.

Flash forward 80 years and Wake Electric remains your local, trusted energy advisor providing energy efficiency advice, special rates and rebates for appliances, water heaters and heating and cooling systems. And now, with increased adoption of electric vehicles and interconnection of home solar panels in our communities, we’re here to help members navigate this new technology and alleviate any concerns or questions members may have.

This past June, Wake Electric held an event at our Youngsville office inviting a group of members to engage with Wake Electric on topics of home solar, electric vehicles, battery storage and more. This event provided an opportunity for members to test drive a Model Y Tesla to learn firsthand about electric vehicle features, including performance and handling of electric vehicles. Wake Electric also provided attendees with information about charging stations and special EV rates. Tours were also available of the newly renovated Youngsville operation center.

Wake Electric’s history of helping our members understand and explore life changing technology remains steadfast. Whether it’s a demonstration of an electric feed grinder or stovetop of the 1930s or it’s a test drive of an all-electric powered vehicle, Wake Electric will remain at the forefront, ushering in this new technology and empowering our members with resources and knowledge.