Wake Electric’s Webb Technology Contest

Who is James E. Webb?
In October 2021, NASA will replace the Hubble Space Telescope with a new space telescope named after former Granville Country resident and early NASA visionary James E. Webb. Under Webb’s leadership as administrator
of NASA, the organization reached new heights in space exploration that served as a catalyst for strengthening the nation’s universities and aerospace industry. (Source: NASA)

Contest Background
To commemorate this occasion, Wake Electric established the Webb Technology Contest to continue in Webb’s legacy of STEM education and space exploration. Wake Electric will choose two high school students to receive a $1,500 scholarship each.

To Apply 
Students must choose an essay topic and complete an essay and worksheet. They can apply online here. The final day to submit an essay is April 30, 2021. Please contact Rachel Roberson at rachel.roberson@wemc.com if you have any questions regarding the contest.