Ensuring a more resilient future

As we approach the peak of hurricane season, Wake Electric wants members to know that their electric cooperative is prepared and ready for any storms that may come our way. Our ongoing efforts to make the electric grid more flexible, efficient and resilient will also help ensure your power is as reliable as possible, no matter the weather.

While we can’t completely prevent outages, advances in technology are making our systems more resilient and enabling us to respond to storm impacts and restore power more quickly.

Enhanced meters provide two-way communication between your home or business and our cooperative and lets us know if your power is out. Click here to learn more about outage two-way texting. These meters can help you monitor and manage your energy use as well as sign-up for special rates while they help us better control demand for electricity across the grid, resulting in more reliable and affordable power for everyone.

In addition, electric cooperatives across the state are also implementing microgrid innovation that provides added power resiliency and reliability. These small, localized systems bring together various components including renewable energy, battery storage, smart thermostats and water heater controls to help manage and provide electricity to a part of our system when that part is cutoff from the larger system because of an outage.

North Carolina’s electric cooperatives currently have five microgrid projects either in operation or under development, and one of them is in our own backyard. Click here to learn more about the Eagle Chase neighborhood in Youngsville.