Outage two-way texting

Registered SmartHub users text OUT or STATUS to 855.280.1147

Sign-up for Wake Electric’s two-way outage texting
Reporting an outage to Wake Electric just got easier! We are proud to announce a new two-way texting feature that provides an easy, convenient way for you to report and receive updates on an outage.

Through two-way texting, you can report an outage and/or receive a status update regarding a current issue. Members can text OUT to 855.280.1147 to report an outage or STATUS to check the status of their service during an outage to stay updated.

To take advantage of two-way texting, you must be a registered SmartHub user with a cell phone number that is enrolled in Text Messages. To enroll your cell number, go to settings then select Contact Methods and select Add Phone. If you need assistance in registering or updating a cell phone number, please call us at 800.474.6300. After registering your cell phone number, it will take up to 48 hours for that number to be recognized by the outage notification system.