During the summer months, central North Carolina can still be unbearably hot and humid. When you can’t take the heat, you turn down the temp on the air conditioner to find relief.  If you keep your air conditioner running constantly during spells of high heat, that extra use of electricity shows up on your electric bill.  If you do receive a larger than normal electric bill, it’s important to ask yourself these questions about your usage:

  1. Did I have guests during that period?
  2. Was it extremely cold or extremely hot?
  3. Did I turn off the air conditioner while I was out of town?
  4. Have I added any major appliances?
  5. What is the condition of my major appliances?
  6. How well insulated is my home?
  7. Are there leaks around doorways and windows?

Wake Electric is here to help you manage your electricity usage. For more energy efficiency tips, go to www.wemc.com.