For 2016 Wake Electric awarded 19 college scholarships equaling a total of $24,500.

The Fred M. Alford Memorial Scholarship ($2,000) was awarded to:

Hannah Jordan, Wake Forest High School

The Touchstone Energy Scholarship winners are:

  1. Jacob Faulkner of Franklin Academy
  2. Abigail Keel of Franklin Academy
  3. Jonasha Green of Bunn High
  4. Sage Pritchet of Franklinton High
  5. Sterling Grissom of J F Webb High
  6. Shannon Stephens of Appalachian State
  7. Evan Gales of Thales Academy
  8. Brittaney Dahle of Methodist University
  9. Audra Chenoweth of Franklin Academy
  10. Emilee Britton of Wake Forest High
  11. Kathleen Goss of Franklin Academy
  12. Payton Baker of Wake Forest High
  13. Michael Richards of N C State
  14. Neva Yinger of Willowdell Heritage School
  15. Taylor Sabia of East Wake Academy
  16. Abby Trotter of Appalachian State
  17. Chloe Lang of Franklin Academy
  18. Meredyth Albright of Duke University

Funding for scholarships is made possible by Wake Electric members and Wake Electric employees through the Operation Round-Up Program.  For more information on Operation RoundUp or the scholarship program, visit