Back in 1958, Ford Motor Company unveiled a concept car called the Nucleon. This vehicle was to be powered by a small nuclear reactor. While this technology works well in larger and heavier applications, such as ships and submarines, it wasn’t practical for cars.

So when should we expect the “return” of the nuclear-powered car? Well, in a way, it’s back!

While Wake Electric’s mix of fuel sources to generate electricity will average 60 percent nuclear, its contribution to off-peak generation is much higher. Nuclear power plants tend to run day and night at maximum capacity for months at the time while natural gas units throttle up and down during the day to follow the load.

Wake Electric has recently announced a special discounted rate for re-charging electric vehicles from 10 PM to 6 AM. See the actual rate schedule for details. In addition to buying “fuel” for your car at the equivalent of less than $1 per gallon, since it’s “off-peak” electricity, much of that energy is nuclear.

So while your electric car may say it’s a Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf, in some ways it’s really a Nucleon.

Of course, the tail fins are optional.

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