In October, Cory Lawrence, a Wake Electric serviceman, participated in the Pole Top Rescue Competition for North Carolina’s electric cooperatives. This year’s competition had two categories based on the type of fall restraints used by the competitors. One group secured themselves in the traditional way with a lifeline and life hook, while the other group used personal fall restraints that protect from falls during the ascent and descent. Lawrence took home the 8th prize in the personal fall protection category.

Lawrence is a frequent participant in the annual Pole Top Rescue Competition. He has worked at Wake Electric for 14 years. He and his wife, Dana, live in Youngsville with their daughters, Grace Ann and Carly.

More than 600 of North Carolina’s electric cooperative line workers began the year competing for the 2014 title. Winners of local cooperative and regional competitions advanced to Thursday’s state championship, and a total of 24 people, including Lawrence, competed in October.

In the Pole Top Rescue scenario, line workers place an emergency radio call, don climbing gear, scale 20 feet up a utility pole, rig a rope, lower a 105-pound mannequin and begin CPR. The scenario used at the Pole Top Rescue Competition is the same scenario all North Carolina electric cooperative line workers must perform in less than five minutes in order to maintain their certification to work on co-op lines.

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