Wake Forest, NC— The Obama administration, as part of its annual spring Energy Datapalooza event, recognized Wake Electric for innovation in providing its members with an online data analysis tool that allows consumers to review their own energy use in order to reduce costs, save energy and protect the environment. The tool, part of the Administration’s “Green Button Initiative,” was launched nationally in 2012 and is offered by 48 utilities and electricity suppliers. Wake Electric was the first utility in North Carolina to offer the Green Button data interface.

“Wake Electric is proud of the White House’s acknowledgment of our success in using secure, sophisticated technology to directly assist our members,” said Jim Mangum, general manager and CEO of Wake Electric.” Green Button is one of many services we offer our members to help them make informed choices in order to put more money in their pocket.”

Wake Electric’s Green Button securely links participating members to a summary of their electricity usage over the past 13 months, which that member can then share with friends and neighbors to compare usage (www.wemc.com/smarthub/).

Members also can use a third-party application (app) that provides graphs and tools to help find ways to save energy and lower their electric bills. They also can share the data with other companies, like solar panel contractors or appliance vendors, allowing those energy experts to help members explore the most energy-efficient options.

For more information about the national Green Button Initiative, go to http://greenbuttondata.org/.

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