Wake Forest, NC— Wake Electric held its 2014 Annual Meeting on March 28, and it was a great success. 574 members, plus their guests, attended the meeting held in the Louisburg College Auditorium.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear reports on the current plans and programs of Wake Electric from Phil Price, chief operating officer and assistant general manager. Members also had the chance to ask senior management questions about the co-op.

Three board members re-elected during the business meeting to serve three-year terms on the Wake Electric Board of Directors were Mike Dickerson of Oxford (District 3), Roy Ed Jones of Wake Forest (District 6) and Reuben Matthews of Middlesex (District 9).

Children attending the meeting with their parents and caregivers also had a great time participating in special activities planned for school aged children. All the activities were provided by Crafts on Wheels and the children thoroughly enjoyed decorating sand art projects, painting flower pots and other plaster sculptures, as well as building wooden airplane models and playing with puzzles and games.

Members in attendance were entered into a drawing for cash prizes totaling $5,000. The lucky winners are listed below.

Rosemarie A. Leon of Wake Forest— $1,000
David W. Moell of Wake Forest— $500
J Y Person of Kittrell— $500
Tessie J. Jackson of Wake Forest— $250
Juanella T. Hawkins of Oxford— $250
Odie R. Dickenson of Wake Forest— $250
Phillip Williams of Wake Forest— $250
Ajaz Sadiq of Wake Forest—$100
Stella Daniska of Wake Forest— $100
Thomas Knitter of Wake Forest— $100
Rodney Privette of Wake Forest— $100
Shirley D. Strickland of Louisburg—$100
Tyrone Davis of Youngsville—$100
Preston Wright of Louisburg— $100
Jacqueline Johnson of Wake Forest— $100
Joseph Dibiase of Youngsville— $100
Jerry W. Keith of Wake Forest—$100
Joann Pendergrass of Kittrell— $100
Leroy Kearney of Kitrell—$100
Judie Davis of Kittrell— $100
William L. Dunston of Kittrell— $100
Judy C. Briggs of Wake Forest— $100
Louise P. Bizzell of Kenley— $100
Christy L. Mitchell of Zebulon— $100
Kimberly and Anthony Poole of Youngsville— $100
Carolyn and Christopher Crowder of Creedmoor— $100
Faye Dunn of Wake Forest— $100

NOTE: Wake Electric has a policy that if we draw the registration card 1) of a church, business or civic organization, or 2) of an employee of Wake Electric who is also a member or 3) of a board of director of Wake Electric who is also a member, then we will grant that member a cash prize, but will draw again until a non-employee, residential account is drawn. When this occurs, more cash prizes are awarded than the number of cash prizes originally advertised. The winners falling into that category this year are: Concord Baptist Church of Kittrell ($1,000-organization) and Phil Price of Wake Forest ($100-employee).

Wake Electric is a non-profit electric utility serving over 37,500 consumers in parts of Franklin, Durham, Granville, Johnston, Vance, Nash and Wake counties. Visit www.wemc.com for more information.

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