Wake Forest, NC— Santa Claus isn’t the only one traveling during the holiday season; many of you will be adding points to frequent flier miles, hitting the roads, or “walking over the river and through the woods.” Wherever you are traveling and however you choose to get there, it is important to keep a few safety tips in mind.

– Leaving your house makes it vulnerable to break-ins. Take precautions so you can come back to your house the way you left it.

– Be sure to hold your mail and newspapers while you are gone. This is free to do and only takes a phone call. A pile of mail or newspapers is a dead giveaway for a vacant house.

– Unplug your electronics to save energy and increase electrical safety.

– Set your lights on timers. If you do this, your house looks more lived in, discouraging burglars.

– Turn off the main water supply to your house. It can save you thousands of dollars by preventing leaks that may be caused by frozen water in the pipes. Even if the pipes aren’t in danger of freezing, a leak can happen, and without someone there to notice it, serious damage can occur.

– Turn your thermostat down (around 50°F is recommended) while you are gone to save energy, but don’t turn your heat completely off. This may cause pipes to freeze.

– Although you may want to share your excitement about vacation and the holidays with the world via social media, you should refrain from doing so. It becomes an announcement that you aren’t home and your house is up for grabs. Be smart about what you post.

– Of course, always make sure your windows and doors are locked.

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!

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