Wake Forest, NC— Green Button is now ready to use. OK, what is Green Button?

Green Button is a U.S. Department of Energy sponsored effort to develop a national standard for downloading detailed electric usage data so you can easily access your data or if you prefer, share it with others.

While we expect that the standard charts and comparisons provided in the SmartHub application will be sufficient for most members, you can now use Green Button to download usage data for more detailed analysis. If you have an interest in analyzing the statistics to determine if that new high-efficiency heat pump is meeting your expectations, Green Button can supply the detailed data. If we see a new application that we think is particularly useful, we will let you know about it.

Imagine a future where the first question by a Home Depot or Lowe’s home improvement sales associate is “Can you send me your Green Button data? Or, you’ve asked a solar panel contractor to propose an optimal installation for your home and you get the same Green Button question.

Major electric utilities all over the country are beginning to adopt Green Button. At the moment, however, Wake Electric is the first and only electric utility in North Carolina to offer the Green Button data interface. Even better, there are no additional charges for Green Button downloads. Download as much of your available data as often as you like.

While you are free to share your usage data with whomever you choose, remember to download the data and then send it to them. Never give anyone your password to access your account directly.

For more information about Green Button, go to www.greenbuttondata.org/click here. Steps to download your data are at the end of this post.

Green Button developers are working to release a more intuitive version of this exciting new application this fall, which will make the download process even more streamlined and easy-to-understand. The early version is still a bit clunky. Stay tuned!

Steps to Download Your Data
-Go to https://wemc.smarthub.coop
-Login to your Wake Electric SmartHub account
-Click the “Green Button” icon
-Review the instructions and click on the “Green Button Download My Data” button. A popup screen will appear.

Select Your Criteria:
-Your Account and Service Location that you would like to download (if you have more than one account)
-Select “Start and End” dates for the data you would like to download (up to 13 months of data if it is available for your account)
-Select the time interval to download – Monthly, Daily or Hourly
-Click “Download Usage Data”
-Your usage data will be downloaded in a zipped XML file format. To retrieve data from your zipped file, right click on the folder location and select Extract All Files. When the files are extracted, open the XML file. Note that the exact steps of your download may vary depending on your Web browser and download settings.

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