Wake Forest, NC— Effective July 1, 2013, the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (WPCA) line item on your bill of 2.5 cents will be incorporated into the base rate, thereby lowering the WPCA to $0.00. There will be no change to the amount of your electric bill. This is neither a rate decrease nor a rate increase and this change in rate structure is revenue neutral to the cooperative. Elimination of the WPCA will not affect your service or the ways in which you conduct business with Wake Electric.

Wake Electric has not modified our base rates since 1997. In lieu of that, the co-op has been using the WPCA factor to recover our increase in costs, largely due to capital costs of new plants and equipment necessary to meet environmental regulations set forth by the state and federal governments. Now that the WPCA has become somewhat stabilized, we are simply rolling that expense over into the base rate.

Instead of paying 8.98 cents per kWh and a 2.5 cent WPCA, members on the Residential Service Schedule “R” will now pay 11.48 cents per kWH. As a result of the WPCA being set to $0.00, members will not see this line item reflected on the bill. Members may refer to our rate schedules, located on our website at www.wemc.com/resmemservices.aspx, for more details.

If you have any questions about the WPCA, please contact your local Wake Electric office at 1-800-474-6300 or 919-863-6300. Our representatives are available to assist you.

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