Wake Forest, NC— Wake Electric has currently upgraded 32,500 meters to our new AMI meters, which represents about 90 percent of our total membership. It is our goal to have all of the residential meters exchanged system-wide by the end of first quarter 2013. AMI meters store electric use, outage and voltage information, as well as communicate it back to the co-op office through a secure, wireless communication network.

Once your meter has been upgraded, you will have access to the Monitor & Manage program, an online energy monitoring system that utilizes Wake Electric’s “smart grid” communications network to collect monthly, daily and hourly energy data reports from each home. Interval data reports are available through your SmartHub online account, free of charge. You can find them under the “My Usage” tab. The energy usage reports will allow members to better evaluate and manage their energy consumption.

For more information, visit www.wemc.com/monitorandmanage.aspx.

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