Wake Forest, NC— Wake Electric recently awarded 40 $25 Visa gift cards to area students who received at least one “A” (or its equivalent) on their report cards through the co-op’s “Give Us an A” program.

This program encourages academic achievement and Wake Electric encourages the winners to purchase a savings bond through www.treasurydirect.gov with their Visa gift card money. These awards are part of a drawing held three times a year.

Students in any grade in Durham, Franklin, Granville, Johnston, Nash, Vance and Wake counties are eligible to apply. l
Funding for the “Give Us an A” program is made possible by Wake Electric members through the Operation RoundUp program. Members who sign up to participate in the Operation RoundUp program elect to have their monthly electric bill rounded up to the next whole dollar. These pennies collectively add up to major dollars for community programs.

The most recent “Give Us an A” winners include:

Caleb Abbott, Franklinton High School
Ronald Berrier, North Raleigh Christian Academy
Joshua Blalock, Franklin Academy
Savannah Blalock, Franklin Academy
Aubre Body, Riverside High School
Nathan Ciatti, Heritage Middle School
William Clement, IV, East Wake School of Integrated Technology
Emily Deem, Heritage Middle School
Anna Evangelista, Franklin Academy
Theresa Evangelista, Franklin Academy
William Farrell, Franklin Academy
Devin Fussa, Heritage Middle Wake
Rita Furbert, Durant Road Middle School
Roxie Gilliam, Franklin County Early College
Alissa Herous, Franklin Academy
Aimee Heroux, Franklin Academy
Cameron Hill, Cedar Creek Middle School
Devin Hoffman, Franklinton High School
Matthew Hoffman, Cedar Creek Middle School
Taryn Hoffman, Franklinton High School
Shelencia Holmes, Franklinton High School
Louis Isabella, III, Franklinton High School
Zachary Landsberg, Wakefield Middle School
Kevin Martin, Franklinton High School
Rachael Maurais, Trinity Academy of Raleigh
Emily Roland, Franklin Academy
Michael Roland, Forest Pines Elementary
Kaetlyn Ryan, Durant Road Middle School
Andrew Sample, Franklinton High School
Elizabeth Sample, Franklinton High School
Emily Sandberg, Franklin Academy
Krista Smith, North Raleigh Christian Academy
Emma Taurance, Saint Raphael Catholic Middle School
Morgan Wilder, East Wake School of Engineering Systems
Sterling Wilder, East Wake School of Engineering Systems
Tara Williams, Franklinton High School
Emily Willis, East Millbrook Middle School
Olivia Wilson, Youngsville Elementary School
Megan Wimmer, Jones Dairy Elementary School
Ryan Wimmer, Jones Dairy Elementary School

The deadline for the next drawing is January 20, 2013 by 5:00 p.m. Because each school district may have a different time for issuing report cards, if a student’s entry misses one deadline, the entry will automatically be included in the next drawing.

To enter, students should include:
– A copy of the report card with any “A”s highlighted
– Parents’ or guardians’ names (if applicable)
– Home address
– Email address that is checked regularly
– School attending
– Telephone Number

For more information on Wake Electric’s “Give Us an A” program, go towww.wemc.com/giveusana.aspx.

Wake Electric is a non-profit electric utility serving over 36,000 members in parts of Franklin, Durham, Granville, Johnston, Vance, Nash, and Wake counties. For more information on Wake Electric, please visit www.wemc.com.


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