Wake Forest, NC— More than 150 cooperative board members and employees from across North Carolina descended on the state legislative building on June 13 for the annual Rally in Raleigh, including Wake Electric employees Fred Keller, manager of member and energy services, Don Bowman, manager of engineering, Scott Poole, manager of customer service, and board of directors for Wake Electric Joe Hilburn, Suzy Morgan and Allen Nelson.

During the Rally, cooperative leaders met with their local members of the North Carolina House and Senate to discuss issues facing electric cooperatives including copper theft, the “Move Over” law and pole attachments.

North Carolina’s electric cooperatives also took this opportunity to share their successes with projects they are completing in their districts including new construction, energy efficiency, economic development, grid modernization, community outreach and more.

Establishing strong two-way communication between legislators and electric cooperatives is an important component of delivering safe, reliable, affordable power to our member-owners.


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