Wake Forest, NC— Did you know that North Carolina has a “Move Over” law that protects law enforcement officers, emergency workers and even utility trucks working on the side of the road restoring electrical service? This law requires motorists to move one lane away from any of these vehicles that are on the side of the highway, or to reduce speed if they are unable to move over safely. The “Move Over” law ensures more safety for citizens and emergency responders.

Wake Electric is grateful for the inclusion of utility workers in the “Move Over” law because many of North Carolina’s rural roads are next to ditches with little to no shoulder, so there is very little space for trucks to park. This law protects our line crews who sometimes work in hazardous conditions along roads to repair power poles and lines and restore service. Safety is a top priority at Wake Electric, and the “Move Over” law will help keep both our employees and our members safer on the roads.

A violation of the “Move Over” law will result in a mandatory fine of $250 plus court costs. So next time you are driving and you see an emergency vehicle, law enforcement officer or utility truck stopped alongside a highway, move over for safety! It will keep you and the good folks doing their jobs to protect us safe, too.

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