Today’s homes have more appliances and electronics than ever before.

TSG offers Surge Protection that can save your investments by helping to prevent destructive surges from damaging those appliances and electronics in your home. Why is TSG’s Surge Protection so important right now?

  • Electronic technology has changed tremendously in recent decades. We are increasingly reliant on this technology – especially computers.
  • The microcircuit chips that our computers and electronics use today are faster, smaller, and more densely populated than ever before. Though more powerful, these new chip designs are also more fragile. Today’s microchips can’t tolerate small electrical disruptions and are more susceptible to damage..

TSGLOGO_002 TSG offers surge protection for your whole house.

  • Includes lease equipment (1 point of entry PEMCO Meter Base Whole House Surge Arrestor)
  • Cost of only $5.95 per month added to your electric bill
  • $50 one-time installation fee

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