What if you were given the option to pay for only the amount of electricity you wanted, and also told that you could pay when you wanted to pay?  Would that interest you?  If so, take control of your account today through Wake Electric’s new PowerUp program, a pay-as-you-go billing option.

Once your residential meter has been replaced with our new advanced metering technology, you can track energy usage daily (via the SmartHub “My Usage”). Also, our billing system can automatically perform a bill calculation each day on your account.  With this technology, we now can offer you the opportunity of a flexible energy prepayment option, thereby reducing your credit balance as you go.

With PowerUp, there’s no difference in the way you use electricity, just HOW and WHEN you pay for it. You can prepay anticipated charges a full month in advance, or pay just enough to get you through the next week. It’s your choice. You choose how much prepaid electricity you want to buy and when to buy it. By pre-purchasing your electricity, you can plan your budget and monitor your electricity usage more closely.

pumpGasThink of it just like putting gasoline in your car. You can fill up your tank, or buy just enough to get you through the week. Likewise, when you buy groceries, you make the decision regarding when to buy and how much you want to purchase. When you get low on gas or groceries, you simply buy more. It works the same with PowerUp. PowerUp allows you to put dollars in your account, and as you use electricity during the week and/or month, the balance in your account will decrease.

You provide us with an email and/or valid phone number, and the PowerUp program will automatically notify you when your account gets low on funds. Then, you simply reload your account and see how far you can stretch your dollars before making your next payment.

Is PowerUp for You?  Here are some of the benefits:

  • No deposit
  • No late fees, trip charges, or reconnect fees
  • No cost to switch to PowerUp rate
  • Use existing deposits for down payments at conversion
  • Delinquent balances can be moved into a prepay arrangement
  • View electric usage, payment history, and credit balances
  • Reminders sent to you when balance is low

For more information on the PowerUp program, please contact us at
(919) 863-6300 or 1-800-474-6300

How PowerUp Works
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