Optimize your annual home charging savings

Enhance Your Savings

Optimize your EV charging schedule to charge during off-peak hours to get the most out of your off-peak rate discount. EvPulse will help keep you charging during low-cost hours, maximizing your savings.

Shape Future Rates

Your participation will influence how we structure future rates, rewarding eco-friendly choices and fair practices. Your data matters. Help us evolve energy rates by sharing insights to better our EV rate programs

Influence EV Adoption

Be an eco-champion! Embrace EVs to reduce emissions and inspire your community to follow suit. Your choice drives widespread EV adoption, reducing emissions and building a cleaner world.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Members already on Wake Electric’s EV rate are eligible to sign up for the EVConnectNC pilot program.

evPulse currently supports most models of Tesla, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota and Lexus plug-in electric vehicles for the EVConnectNC pilot program.

Vehicle not list above? You may still qualify to join the program with your ChargePoint home charging station.

What is the pilot program?

Wake Electric’s EVConnectNC pilot program offers members a simplified charging experience, cost savings, and improved grid reliability.

The EVConnectNC pilot program is free, risk-free, and members can opt out at any time throughout the program.

Terms & Conditions