Wake Electric is offering a tablet version of the popular magazine for your Android or iPad tablet.

Each month Carolina Country will notify you when the next issue is ready to view.  No more paper!  If you opt into the monthly digital magazine for Android and/or iPad, it will replace the paper copy we send you in the mail.  You can also find the newest issue of Carolina Country on our website. Questions?  Download the app and visit Frequently Asked Questions.

The free Carolina Country app each month brings you:

  • Spectacular color and more images than ever
  • Easy-to-read, interactive stories you can share with friends
  • Lively local co-op sections
  • Bonus content not in the paper magazine
  • Videos and how-to’s
  • Share recipes and articles on social media

It’s still your same trusted Carolina Country—just one that comes alive at the touch of a finger.

Here’s how to register for the Carolina Country app on your tablet. You need to create an account one time only. Then you will be notified each month when the magazine is available on your tablet.

  1. Find Carolina Country on the App Store or Google Play
  2. Download the free app
  3. Select your co-op (Wake Electric)
  4. Register with your co-op account number (on your bill)
  5. Enjoy the current issue

Registering for the app also means that the paper magazine will no longer be mailed to your account. No more paper! The monthly tablet magazine will replace the paper copy you get in the mail.