Electrify NC 2023 – Wake Electric Takes Center Stage


Raleigh, NC – Wake Electric, along with other electrical cooperatives in the state, recently participated in Electrify NC 2023, hosted by North Carolina’s Electrical Cooperatives. This conference united industry experts and cooperatives to highlight the transformative potential and future of beneficial electrification. Beneficial electrification, which refers to the utilization of electricity in lieu of fossil fuels, took center stage as the focal point of discussions at the conference. The conference offered panels on the application of beneficial electrification, covering sectors ranging from residential homes to industrial and agricultural settings.

A highlight of the event was the panel moderated by Wake Electric’s own Scott Poole, VP of Customer Service, titled “Electrifying the Home: Challenges and Opportunities.” This panel focused on enhancing member satisfaction and accomplishing NCEC’s Brighter Future mission through residential solutions. Aligning with the conference’s theme that beneficial electrification is not a distant vision but a present reality, Poole shared the successes of Wake Electric in executing these opportunities. These successes included robust communication with members through various channels, offering diverse billing options and rates, and ensuring optimal system functionality to support these varied rates. Poole attributed these accomplishments to Wake Electric member’s utility savviness, saying, “it seems to me that our members today are more educated than ever before… in terms of understanding the energy market. I think the reason for that is simply because we’ve provided more information [and] put more information in front of them than we ever have before.” He went on to say that transparency and visibility into Wake Electric’s operations have empowered members to ask more questions and take advantage of unique opportunities such as time-of-use rates.

Throughout the conference, discussions and presentations showcased a plethora of successful projects and initiatives, highlighting the practical applications of electrification in fostering community development, improving industrial operations, and enhancing individuals’ lives. The event served as a compelling call to action, urging all participants to embrace beneficial electrification as a readily accessible and effective solution in the present day. By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry professionals, Electrify NC 2023 empowered attendees to drive forward the implementation of beneficial electrification and accelerate its positive impact on society.

Wake Electric’s active participation, including the insightful panel moderated by Scott Poole, exemplified the cooperative’s commitment to member satisfaction and staying on top of upcoming trends. Wake Electric is poised to lead the charge towards embracing beneficial electrification as a tangible and indispensable reality in the present.