Aerial Drone Inspections This April

Wake Electric is continually working to maintain a safe and reliable system for our members. As part of annual inspections of overhead lines and equipment, we contracted a local drone service provider (FIRMATEK) to conduct aerial inspections over the coming week.

Drones will be flying over three of our substations and feeders in the following areas:

  • North/South Oxford area
  • Kittrell/Bobbitt area & North of Franklinton US1
  • Wilton/Creedmoor area, North Hwy 56

Drones allow Wake Electric to conduct these inspections more efficiently, covering larger areas. We will utilize this footage to see utility poles, connections, hardware and vegetation near lines to proactively identify items that could be a problem in the future.

FIRMATEK’s logo is orange and white and drive Chevrolet trucks, which will have a Wake Electric contractor decal on them. For your safety and the safety of our contractors, if you see them working, please do not interrupt as this type of work requires a tremendous amount of concentration. If you have any further questions regarding our upcoming aerial inspections, please contact Don Bowman at