Getting the best of Old Man Winter with cold weather prep

There’s lots to love about winter: hot chocolate, cozy sweaters and fires crackling in the hearth. At the same time, tumbling temperatures make heating systems work longer and create weather conditions that can sometimes lead to power outages. With Old Man Winter settling in, we’re preparing at Wake Electric and here’s how you can prepare too.

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Drop the inside temperature
When it’s cold outside, your heating system has to work longer to keep your home heated. By lowering the thermostat a few degrees to 68 or as low as is comfortable, you can reduce your energy use—and your bill.

Then, layer up
By adding blankets to beds and sofas, and wearing layers of warm clothing, you’ll be cozy and comfortable even if your home is a few degrees cooler.

Stock up
Winter conditions, especially icy precipitation, can cause power outages. Just in case, keep emergency supplies on hand. Include flashlights and extra batteries, food and water (for humans and pets), essential medications, salt for icy sidewalks and driveways, and a battery-powered radio to stay connected.