Many members of Wake Electric may notice their electric bill is higher than normal this winter.  Wake Electric wants to remind members that during extreme weather events that Wake Electric’s rates do not increase.  Our residential rates have not changed since April 2016 when they dropped by one half cents from our 2015 rates.

The fact is bills could increase during cold snaps because members are turning up their heating systems and running them at higher temperatures for prolonged periods of time.  HVAC systems and space heaters usually use more energy than any other appliances or equipment in the home.  In December and January, central North Carolina experienced a record number of consecutive days of freezing or below-freezing temperatures.  Such a significant drop in temperatures causes heating systems and water heaters to work harder in order to sustain heat. In addition, many people resort to using stand-alone space heaters for supplemental heat, which also increases energy use.

All heating units require some use of electricity, such as electric fans to circulate heated air. So even homes with heating systems using natural gas, propane or oil will use more electricity than usual if the system runs more hours per day.  The same can be true for water heaters if they are located in unconditioned spaces such as a garage or basement.   When a water heater is located in an area that is cold it must run longer in order to sustain the temperature of the water.

So, even though your costs per kWh has not changed, you may have used more during our recent cold weather. If you want to see how much energy you are using before you get your bill, you can use our free SmartHub app. The app is updated each day with your hourly usage from the prior day along with the hourly temperature. You can get information to setting up your free SmartHub account on our web site. All the information you need to set up your account is on your bill. You can also use the app to pay your bill or to report power outages.

Wake Electric also offers energy efficiency tips accessible through our website.

If you still  have a question about you electric bill or payment options, we encourage you to call customer service at 919.863.6300 or 800.474.6300.