UPDATE: To Wake Electric members who receive text notifications from SmartHub, you will notice the number has changed from 80676 to 768482. 


Have you ever noticed when you receive text messages sent from Wake Electric’s SmartHub that they come from a phone number that’s only 5 digits long? In the SMS (“texting”) industry, SmartHub’s phone number 80676 is known as a short code.  These 5 to 6 digit codes are intended to be easier to remember than a 10-digit phone number.  Over the past several years, Wake Electric has used a short code that has served us well, but it has limited our ability to fully support text messages and handling of replies like STOP and HELP.

Over the past several months, Wake Electric has developed a dedicated short code that will allow for these enhanced capabilities. SmartHub users will now receive notifications from the following new number: 768482. In addition, when a member registers to receive SMS notifications, we will send additional confirmations to your device as well as how to send STOP and HELP requests.  Wake Electric is notifying our members about this change so you are not surprised when you begin receiving your SmartHub notifications from a different number.