“Time of Use” pilot program – save up to 25% on your electric rate

Would you like to save up to 25% on your electric rate?

Wake Electric is offering a limited time savings program to 250 participants only. Wake Electric’s regular residential rate is 10.944 cents per kWh.  Wake Electric’s residential “time of use” off-peak rate is 8 cents per kWh, a 26.9% discount.

  • The off-peak rate applies for 22 hours per day (Monday – Friday) and all day on weekends and holidays.
  • The on-peak rate period is 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. in winter and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in summer.  That means the off-peak rate applies to 94% of the hours in a year.
  • See Wake Electric’s rate schedule for details.  Rates are always subject to change.

What’s the catch?

The “time of use” on-peak rate is really expensive at 40 cents per kWh.  In order to save money, you’ll need to avoid using as much electricity as possible during that two hour on-peak period.  Many members use a water heater timer and thermostat set-backs to do this automatically.  Of course, avoid doing laundry or running the dishwasher as well.

How can your co-op offer such a deep discount for 94% of the time?

Because much of our variable cost is determined during the other 6% of the time when members usually use the most electricity and electric loads are the highest. The electric distribution system is designed and built to operate during that 6% of the time.  New electric generation facilities are built to provide power during that 6% of the time.

Not sure if the “time of use” rate will work for you?

No problem. Try it out for a year at no risk.  As a pilot program limited to 250 participants and for a limited time only, the co-op will offer a money-back guarantee.

CLICK HERE FOR THE pilot program terms and for all of the details. For more details and information or to sign up, call 919.863.6300 or 800.474.6300.

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