For 2015, as part of our commitment to the communities we serve, Wake Electric awarded 17 college scholarships equaling a total of $22,000.

The Fred M. Alford Memorial Scholarship ($2,000) was awarded toMorgan Darrow of Wakefield High School.

The Touchstone Energy Scholarship winners are:
1. Chad Kibbe of Wake Technical Community College
2. Stephanie Jackomin of Wake Forest High School
3. Cory Halterman of Franklinton High School
4. Emily Berrier of North Raleigh Christian Academy
5. Taylor Rossman of Wake Forest High School
6. Cameron Jarvis of Heritage High School
7. Annis Morris of Franklinton High School
8. Matthew Watts of Wake Forest High School
9. Abigail Rich of South Granville
10. Erin Lemin of Wake Forest High School
11. Taryn Hoffman of Franklinton High School
12. Robert Richter of Enloe High
13. Robert Mishler of Middle College High School
14. Brittaney Dahle of Methodist University
15. Jovanhy Trejo of Granville Central High School
16. Miranda Brauns of NC State University

Funding for scholarships is made possible by Wake Electric members and Wake Electric employees through the Operation Round-Up Program. For more information on Operation RoundUp or the scholarship program, visit