Seems obvious, right? It’s cold outside. But did you ever think exactly what that cold is doing to your HVAC system.
– The weather makes a big impact on electric bills, accounting for nearly half of your bill.

– Even those with the most efficient HVAC systems will see more use in extreme weather.

– When extreme cold temperatures hit, our heaters work overtime.

– For example, even if you set your thermostat to our recommended 68 degrees in the winter, when it is 19 degrees outside, your system has to work hard to make up that 49-degree difference.

– Your heater works harder and cycles on and off more often, making your use much higher. That means your bill will be much higher.

– Remember, there is value in comfort. For us to be comfortable in our homes, our heaters are going to work harder, but it may be worth the additional cost to you.

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