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Wake Electric’s member magazine, Carolina Country, comes to your mailbox monthly and also is offered online as a flipbook version. Inside you’ll find “ElectriConnection,” a newsletter filled with information specific to Wake Electric members.Carolina Country magazine is published in Raleigh by the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives, a statewide co-op serving all 26 non-profit electric co-ops in NC, including Wake Electric.

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The entire monthly edition of Carolina Country, including the Wake Electric ElectriConnection  newsletter pages, can now be accessed on this website. All editions in 2015 are in digital format (past archives are in PDF format).  In order to access the Wake Electric newsletter inside your Carolina Country, click on the link to the digital Carolina Country newsletter you want to read and scroll through to the Wake Electric section.  You’ll see at the bottom of the cover of Carolina Country  the specific page numbers for the Wake Electric newsletter.


ElectriConnection archived editions

This month’s edition:  December 2017

November 2017 ElectriConnection
October 2017 ElectriConnection

September 2017 ElectriConnection
August 2017 ElectriConnection
July 2017 ElectriConnection
June 2017 ElectriConnection
May 2017 ElectriConnection
April 2017 ElectricConnection
March 2017 ElectriConnection
February 2017 ElectriConnection
January 2017 ElectriConnection


January 2016 ElectriConnection
February 2016 ElectriConnection
March 2016 ElectriConnection
April 2016 ElectriConnection
May 2016 ElectriConnection
June 2016 ElectriConnection
July 2016 ElectriConnection
August 2016 ElectriConnection
September 2016 ElectriConnection
October 2016 ElectriConnection
November 2016 ElectriConnection
December 2016 ElectriConnection


January 2015 ElectriConnection
February 2015 ElectriConnection
March 2015 ElectriConnection
April 2015 ElectriConnection
May 2015 ElectriConnection
June 2015 ElectriConnection
July 2015 ElectriConnection
August 2015 ElectriConnection
September 2015 ElectriConnection
October 2015 ElectriConnection
November 2015 ElectriConnection
December 2015 ElectriConnection


(note: these archives are Adobe PDF versions)

December 2014 ElectriConnection
November 2014 ElectriConnection
October 2014 ElectriConnection
September 2014 ElectriConnection
August 2014 ElectriConnection
July 2014 ElectriConnection
June 2014 ElectriConnection
May 2014 ElectriConnection
April 2014 ElectriConnection
March 2014 ElectriConnection
February 2014 ElectriConnection
January 2014 ElectriConnection

(note: these archives are Adobe PDF versions)

December 2013 ElectriConnection
November 2013 ElectriConnection
October 2013 ElectriConnection
September 2013 ElectriConnection
August 2013 ElectriConnection
July 2013 ElectriConnection
June 2013 ElectriConnection
May 2013 ElectriConnection
April 2013 ElectriConnection
March 2013 ElectricConnection
February 2013 ElectriConnection
January 2013 ElectriConnection

(note: these archives are Adobe PDF versions)

December 2012 ElectriConnection
November 2012 ElectriConnection
October 2012 ElectriConnection
September 2012 ElectriConnection
August 2012 ElectriConnection
July 2012 ElectriConnection
June 2012 ElectriConnection
May 2012 ElectriConnection
April 2012 ElectriConnection
March 2012 ElectriConnection
February 2012 ElectriConnection
January 2012 ElectriConnection


December 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
November 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
October 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
September 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
August 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
July 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
June 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
May 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
April 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
March 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
Feburary 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)
January 2011 ElectriConnection (PDF)


December 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
November 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
October 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
September 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
August 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
July 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
June 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
May 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
April 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
March 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
February 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)
January 2010 ElectriConnection (PDF)


December 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
November 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
October 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
September 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
August 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
July 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
June 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
May 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
April 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
March 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
February 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)
January 2009 ElectriConnection (PDF)


December 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
November 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
October 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
September 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
August 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
July 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
June 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
May 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
April 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
March 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
February 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)
January 2008 ElectriConnection (PDF)


December 2007 ElectriConnection (PDF)
November 2007 ElectriConnection (PDF)
October 2007 ElectriConnection (PDF)
September 2007 ElectriConnection (PDF)
August 2007 ElectriConnection (PDF)
July 2007 ElectriConnection (PDF)
June ElectriConnection (PDF)
May ElectriConnection (PDF)
April ElectriConnection (PDF)
March ElectriConnection (PDF)
February ElectriConnection (PDF)
January ElectriConnection (PDF)


December ElectriConnection (PDF)
November ElectriConnection (PDF)
October ElectriConnection (PDF)
September ElectriConnection (PDF)

Some archived member newsletters are in the Adobe Acrobat Reader Format. You can download the software free of charge.